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The Website You Need To Achieve Your Personal Financial Plan

The Website You Need To Achieve Your Personal Financial Plan

February 15, 2018
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So, you survived your first financial planning meeting, and you're feeling excited about your personal financial plan. How do you stay on track to reach your short, mid, and long-term goals? Here at The Du Charme Financial Group, we're proud to offer all of our clients a secure Personal Financial Website - free of charge. Our most successful clients use this tool on a regular basis to monitor their progress and achieve their dreams. Keep reading to find out how a Personal Financial Website can help you and your family take control of your financial future. 

Your Vault


There are many pieces in the puzzle of your personal financial plan. Often, our clients tell us that they would have created a plan sooner, but collecting all of their documents was intimidating and easy to procrastinate. And, more serious than procrastination, what if something happens to you, and your partners needs access to all of that information? Wouldn't it be nice to have your most important information in one, secure place? 

We think that the vault feature on our Personal Financial Websites is one of the most important ways that we can help make your future easier. Once you've taken the time to collect your documents, we'll scan them and upload them into your vault. From insurance policies to investment accounts to tax information and legal documents like your will and durable power of attorney, everything is digitized and stored securely. 

Building Your Financial Picture In Real-Time


Once we've filled your vault, it's time to link your online accounts in the Organizer. Any account that you can access online can be linked to your Personal Financial Website. This includes your mortgage, home and car insurance, bank accounts, credit cards and more. If you're serious about building your financial future, the more information included here, the better. 

Each of your linked accounts updates in real-time. This data populates your Personal Financial Website's dashboard, and allows reports to be run at any time. 

Your Budget-Based Personal Financial Plan

Now that you've got all of your financial information in one place, you can see the big picture. You'll have access to information like your net worth and investment account activity at your fingertips. But, when you met with your financial advisor, you probably set some goals that require examining your budget. Whether you realized you need to fund additional insurance for your family without becoming premium poor, or you're saving to retire early, it's time to look at your spending. 


Not only will you be able to look at your current spending by category, you'll also have the ability to set up and monitor a monthly budget. You can even set up your Personal Financial Website to email you a weekly financial summary!

With everything in one place, you're more likely to succeed with your plans for a secure financial future. Plus, when it comes time for your annual financial review, you won't let that pesky procrastination hold you back. Your advisor will be able to assess how well your plan is working, and you won't worry about gathering paperwork. 

If you're ready to take the stress out of planning for your financial future, give us a call. One of our fiduciary Financial Advisors will help you design and execute the right plan for you and your family. And, you'll get your own Personal Financial Website to monitor the process.