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401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans

We have partnered with American Trust Retirement, who is committed to being simply better. Our retirement solution has a very dynamic and unique process. You will not find a similar solution or service in the industry. Our competitive advantages—Plan Design, Fiduciary Oversight, Investments, Cost Efficiency, Service, and Technology—set us apart from all others.

American Trust has been Awarded Best in Class by Plan Sponsor Magazine for multiple years!

Complimentary Plan Reviews

Do you already have a plan that you want to review? We complete a side by side analysis of your current plan and what we propose after discussing your needs.

Do you want to start a plan? We can talk through strategy and complete an in depth proposal for your needs.

Contact us for your complimentary plan review.

Fiduciary Oversight

As a plan sponsor, you are a fiduciary of your retirement plan and are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of plan participants and their beneficiaries. If this responsibility is neglected, you may be held personally liable. So, what does fiduciary oversight mean at American Trust? Peace of mind. American Trust alleviates fiduciary responsibilities by offering discretionary trustee and §3(38) investment management services-the greatest levels of protection possible.

As a discretionary trustee, American Trust can lessen concerns by assuming and managing specific responsibilities for a plan, and advise plan sponsors on required legal and compliance responsibilities, including Internal Revenue Code and IRS regulations, ERISA, Department of Labor regulations, and general trust laws.

Plan Design

Our approach to plan design is unmatched in the industry. We take the time needed to understand your business, provide multiple plan design options, and recommend the solution that best fits your specific needs—all at no additional cost. We specialize in complex plan designs. Concerned about discrimination? Don't be. American Trust designs a plan that benefits each individual on different levels while following all requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.


We take care of your plan investment options, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best, your business.

Your plan participants will have the ability to choose from one of our Global View Capital risk based models. These models provide Active Money Management to you and your participants.

Cost Efficiency

To be competitive, it is important fees are flexible. Our structure does just that. American Trust takes a proactive approach, and ensure full disclosure by complying with fee regulations, disclosing all fees in statements, outlining true costs for the plan sponsor, and remaining unbiased by not accepting compensation from mutual fund companies. We also take the time to educate participants on the impact of costs for their retirement account


We focus on you. Whether you are a plan sponsor or participant, we are committed to providing excellent service and personalized attention. We conduct group enrollment meetings, presentations, one-on-one consultations, provide educational programs to encourage participation, and offer ongoing educational support. 


Are you someone who likes to keep an eye on the balance of your retirement account? If so, American Trust has an original and unmatched solution and most unique way of receiving and viewing your account balance in the industry. eBal is an easy, convenient, and instantaneous way of receiving weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates of your account balance by text or email. 

Our participants receive a secure electronic copy of their quarterly account statements. At the end of each quarter, they receive an email notifying them that their statement is ready to view.


American Trust is proud to provide ATFutureBuilder, an effective new way to educate your employees about the importance of enrolling in and staying engaged with your company's retirement plan.

ATFutureBuilder guides your employees through a personalized, interactive experience that provides information about your retirement plan in an easy-to-understand format.